From the Compass Rose caravan comes a new project: Maydan. Inspired by the flavors of forgotten and forbidden lands, ancient east-west trade routes and cooking techniques, we’re excited to reframe Old World stories and methods for a new, hungry, and inquisitive audience.

Coming to Manhattan Laundry in Fall 2017

1346 Florida Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20009

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We can think of only a handful of ways to really get to know someone. By far, our favorite (and most delicious) is to share a meal with them and eat their culture’s food. In fact, it’s the root of what a ‘companion’ is: literally ’one who breaks bread with another.’ You offer a part of yourself, and are, in return, shown something new. You may start as strangers from different places, but you’ll certainly leave as companions.

For us, a maydan is the genesis of human connection. It’s an Arabic word but is used throughout the Old World, from India to northern Africa, in countless languages and places in between. Regardless of how you pronounce it (because there are as many variations in pronunciations as there are cultures that use this word), it’s is a place for gathering—often a public square—where people and cultures merge and share their ideas, goods, and hopes with each other. It’s about people coming from different places, but recognizing that we’re all the same.